The Circus

Circus Party Weekend: April 10-12, 2015


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Video: Highlights from 4 years of Circus

Circus 08: It's a Scandal!

Video: The scandal video!

Circus 07: Sports Academy

Watch: This was the Sports Academy!

Watch: The One Night Workout!

Watch: Making of the Sports Academy flyer!

Watch: The teaser video with Tamara Mascara!

Circus 06: Under Construction


Watch: Our sexy Under Construction video!

Circus 05: It's the End of the World!


Watch: This was the end of the world party!

Watch: Our sexy end of the world-video!

Circus 04: Vienna Pride Night


Circus 03: The Big Blackout


Watch: This Was The Big Blackout

Watch: Making Of Circus Blackout Flyer with Eliad Cohen

Watch: Our super sexy Blackout Video!

Circus 02: Hot Wash!


Circus 02 Video

Watch: Our super sexy Hot Wash Video!

Watch: The hot flyer photo shoot with DJ Alexio

Circus 01: World Premiere!


Circus 01 Video

Making the first Circus Flyer