The Circus

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The Circus added 195 new photos to the album: CIRCUS: Future Flashback! — with Lorenz Wimmer and 2 others at The Circus.

★ We are lost for words - so we just thank all artists, staff and party people who travelled with us through time and space!

See you again on July 15 at Arena for our summer edition.

Amazing photos by © Martin Darling!

The Circus added 83 new photos to the album: CAGE - David Leroy — with Gautier Mückstein and Raphael Massaro.

★ Before we have our electrifying Flashbacks of Circus we would like to share great moments of the Cage Warm Up party at Club|Bar Auslage. Special thanks go to David Leroy and his awesome performance, DJ Andi Mik, Mart.i, Tamara Mascara, Mr. Mysterious and © Martin Darling!

The Circus updated their cover photo.

NEXT CIRCUS: Summer Edition July 15, 2017.

Save the date!

★ Exceptional mind and artist David Leroy will start off The Circus party weekend at CAGE XXL - Circus Warm Up Party, Club|Bar Auslage, Friday April 21. Don't miss it!

Listen to his new high energy mix at:

★ Last time we did not expect such a rush for Circus. We are prepared this time and got three different lanes and more staff during prime time (23:00 - 02:00). There is a separate pre-sale lane with two guys scanning at once. Also, there are two coat checks from the beginning. Bar personnel has been increased! Please see the venue map for further details and floors.

See you at Circus - Future Flashback!

★ Resident dj aleXio will guarentee electrifying tunes at Circus - Future Flashback! Listen to his sound at

CIRCUS PARTY WEEKEND: April 21 - April 23 (CAGE XXL - Circus Warm Up Party, Circus - Future Flashback!, Showdown - Circus After Hour Experience)



The Circus with DJ Alessandro Caruso and Charlet Crackhouse.

★ Charlet C. House will turn on her busy-flash signal at Berghain University this weekend and take a ride straight to The Circus in Vienna. Together with Alessandro Caruso she will host the eye-popping POP floor again and again by doing the timewarp again and again :)
Don't miss Circus - Future Flashback!

★ CloneZone Vienna is now selling pre sale tickets for Circus - Future Flashback! for € 20 (no transaction fees).

★ The pre sale of The Circus tickets at Village Bar starts tonight!

The Circus with Jürgen Tarbauer.

★ The Circus returns on April 22, 2017 with its Circus - Future Flashback! Make your reservations at Hotel Zeitgeist Vienna NOW and get up to two tickets for Circus and/or Cage for free. This will be one of the BEST ROOM RATES in Vienna this weekend! (Vienna City Marathon)

€ 91,- Single Room incl. Breakfast + 1 Ticket for CIRCUS/CAGE *
€ 101,- Double Room incl. Breakfast + 2 Tickets for CIRCUS/CAGE *
Booking via email:
Bookingcode "CIRCUS" has to be quoted in the Email

* valid throughout the Circus Party Weekend, only.