The Circus

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★ Dear passengers! This is your captain Tamara Mascara speaking. We are now crossing a zone of wild and extreme turbulence. Return to Circus Airline! - Celebrating 7 Years and fasten your seat belts. Thank you!

The Circus has just been cleared to land at ARENA WIEN on April 14th. Maître de Cabine will be Ana Paula from Brazil. Further crew members on flight CC1404 are dj aleXio, Charlet Crackhouse, DJ Alessandro Caruso and Mart.i.

Circus will be kicked off by CAGE - Blackout Party on April 13th and concluded with naughty Showdown - Circus After Hour Experience feat. Jack Chang on April 15th.

★ Happy New Year! In April, we will be celebrating Circus - 7 Years! followed by the biggest Pride party Vienna has ever seen! And this is just the beginning… The Circus Crew wishes you a happy and healthy 2018. See you all on the dance floor!

★ We have two important news for you! First, there will be a Showdown - Circus & Loveball NYD After Hour Experience in coopartation with LoveBall at Kaiserbruendl Herrensauna, January 1, 2018. Just after LoveBall you can continue to dance to the beats of beloved DJ Mart.i. Starts 5am.
Second, we sell 100 EARLY BIRD TICKETS for € 16 for Circus - 7 Years! until January 6, 2018! Available online at or here on Facebook!

★ The Circus recommends: Beauty & the Beast - Silvester 2017 by LoveBall. It's the 5 year anniversary of LoveBall at WUK. Don't miss it! Watch the official promo video at

and get your tickets online now:

After Loveball continue party at Showdown - Circus & Loveball NYD After Hour Experience!

★ We are happy to announce that Ana Paula will be headlining Circus - 7 Years! on April 14th, 2018 during her "Me and the Music" World Tour. As accomplished producer and songwriter, she has delighted crowds in world cities. Her unmistakable and eclectic sounds have electrified some of the world’s biggest events. She recognizes and respects the power that music has of bringing people together to spread a message of unity, peace, tolerance, and love. Because of this, Ana Paula is driven by the mission to change the world on beat at a time.
For those of you who have already embarked on Ana Paula's musical journey, get ready to relive the memories and make new ones. For those of you who are new to her sound, brace yourselves for the breathtaking ride of a lifetime.

★ Stay safe at The Circus! ChEck iT! will offer free and anonymous testing of any drugs and expert advice for treatment and prevention next to the pop floor. So if someone offers you something, check it before you take it. If anyone needs help, a team of Medics will be standing by at the office building all night. You may also ask any Security to get help for you. And as always, Aids Hilfewien will provide free condoms for everyone. We hope you have a safe and unforgettable night!

★ One more day till Circus - Fright Night! We have already sold the most pre-sale tickets ever, your event responses on Facebook are off the charts and our hotel partner just told us that they have never had more room bookings… This one is gonna be amazing. We can’t wait to see you all tomorrow!

★ WATCH THIS VIDEO ON FACEBOOK: Quick Halloween Costume Tip


★ The weather forecast for Saturday looks good. Seems we are lucky this time :) Our two gates entry system has proven well in the past to guarentee a fast and seamless access to ARENA WIEN. So there will be one lane solely for pre-sale ticket holders! (see map) And two other lanes for door tickets and guestlist/pre-sale tickets. Door tickets will be available throughout the night. A second coat check will be installed again close to Arena Beisl Erdberg (marked as coat check 2 on the map). Please use both of them. The map also locates the different floors of Circus - Fright Night!, i.e., Main Floor, Pop Floor, Danger Zone, Dreiraum and Arena Beisl.

★ Too frightened to go to sleep? Enter Kaiserbruendl Herrensauna for Showdown - Circus After Hour Experience and join this event of revelation feat. DJ Mart.i (progressive, tribal). The all new and fresh dungeon area certainly needs some extra investigation of yours!


★ CAGE - Circus Warm Up Party, Friday, October 13th feat. DJ Gino Peréz, Tamara Mascara & Mr. Mysterious. Why Not Vienna.

★ Listen to Thomas Solvert's beautiful and brand new podcast at:

dedicated to the upcoming Circus - Fright Night! We are looking forward for more Trick or Treat! :)

★ "Welcome to... Fright... Night! For real." On October 14th The Circus crew presents its long-awaited Circus - Fright Night! at ARENA WIEN. And YES it will be scary. Now dare to share this eerily beautiful designed artwork feat. the queen of undead Tamara Mascara!