The Circus

Thank you for this amazing night! The Circus loves you! The Circus returns October 10, 2015. Save the date!

Circus Live Sessions & Podcasts

Circus Residents

DJ aleXio

DJ aleXio

After his incredible debut at the second CIRCUS we instantly made him our resident DJ. He has made us glad about this decision time and time again. He loves Vienna and Vienna loves him!

Gerald Van Der Hint

Gerald Van Der Hint

He is one of Vienna's top party promoters, spins vinyl in several of Vienna's best gay clubs and just made his international breakthrough.

So far at Circus...

Noor Q

Noor Q

Dj Noor Q is a resident at XLSior Mykonos and one of the current top dj's/producers in the european region and the middle east. At his debut in Vienna he mesmerized the crowd with his fantastic set.

Juseph Leon

Juseph Leon

Juseph Leon from Madrid took us on an adventure to the deep dark jungle. We could not wait to introduce him to Vienna and the Circus crowd loved him.

Nacho Chapado

Nacho Chapado

Nacho Chapado from Barcelona is one of the big names in the gay circuit scene and one of the top producers of progressive house tracks. For our 3-year anniversary we presented him in Vienna for the first time where he blew the roof off the Arena with his unique beats.

Hector Fonseca

Hector Fonseca

Global DJ / Producer Hector Fonseca, Headliner of Circuit Festival - The Week Brazil - Rapido Amsterdam, rocked Circus for the first time! His remixes for Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Beyoncé reached the #1 spot on the Billboard Dance Charts.

Sharon O Love

Sharon is resident DJ at Rapido Amsterdam and spins at many big gay events all over Europe. After her debut in Vienna we invited her back a few times because the crowd loved her so much.

David Leroy

David is resident DJ at Muccassasina Roma and Delice France and we have already hosted him at Circus events many times. It's probably impossible to add more energy into a mix.

Steven Redant

Super Hero DJ Steven Redant arrives from beautiful Barcelona to beat villains!

Dani Toro

The Spanish Star DJ rocked the crowd in Vienna for the first time.

Djay Thiago

The Rio born DJ and model showed his DJ skills at Circus.

Danny Verde

DJ superstar Danny Verde - known from his numerous hits and remixes - performed in Austria in October 2011 for the first time just as his Lady Gaga remix reached #1 of the US Billboard Dance Charts.

Micky Friedmann

Star DJ Micky Friedmann from Circuit Barcelona, La Demence, The Week, and SuperMartXe fame celebrated his debut in Austria.

Jack Chang

Jacks hypnotic tribal beats are legendary: The master of underground house visited Austria for the first time!

Charlet Crackhouse

Drop Dead Gorgeous! The grande dame of Pop Party Berlin. And GMF of course:)

DJ Kevin

Fresh, Trashy, Neon! The newcomer DJ from Germany.

DJ Phil

He has played at every Pop Queer Clubbing in Vienna. Legendary!

Viel Lieb

He's got a whole lotta love, that's for sure. Playing his beats at Motto Lounge at the Life Ball, Porntrash, Goodmann or OMG made him a ledgend in Vienna's gay scene.

Matt Morgan

He is the voice of Austria's gay heaven. At Circus he was dazzling the party crowd with some of his new songs.

Dennes Deen

Cool local hero!


Tamara Mascara, Show Art Director

She hosts her own parties in her hometown Vienna, works as a djane, designs costumes and pleases her crowd with glamorous shows.